About Grabit

BuzzElement, a VC-backed tech startup, is on a mission to change the future of retail commerce by taking advantage of emerging technologies and revolutionizing the retail & payment space.
With our powerful O2O platform, retailers now have the ability to communicate directly with their ideal customer while at the same time being able to increase their loyalty.

The Team

Hajime Hirose


Hajime is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with more than 18 years of mobile and Internet experience spanning Japan, China, the USA and UK. As CEO he determines the company’s vision and strategy.

Yosuke Kimoto


Yosuke is responsible for translating BuzzElement’s vision and design into practical software solutions. He is passionate about discovering new technologies and tracking digital and social media trends. Yosuke has rich and deep experience of computer architecture and mobile/web technologies.

Armila Arwani

Executive Assistant

Armila is a profesional multi-tasker who is responsible in handling all the office management task include Accounting and HR. She is a cheerful person that bring a good vibe to the team.

Leo Tan

Business Development Manager

The jack of all trades. Passionate in tech, branding, marketing, entrepreneurship. Love seeing and making ideas turn into realities. Oversee company’s marketing initiatives, business development, growth.
Loves Kit-Kat.

Suetying Ng

Graphic Designer

Obsessed with perfection. Connecting the dots between the brand with the consumers with her creativity through designs. Loves travelling and photography.

Ben Dolgolf


Ben is serial entrepreneur that has over 10 years experience in mobile marketing. He loves building brands and is a marketing guru. He loves to travel around the world to meet new people and experience new cultures.

Izam Basiron

Engineering Manager

Izam is a full stack developer involved in every expect of development. Soft spoken and well mannered, he is a geek who always see the good in others.

Luong Dinh

Senior Engineer

Luong is vietnamese senior engineer. He has over 4 years of experiences in enterprise and ecommerce system. He worked for Toshiba, NTTS, Dena Travel customers. "Fast, beauty and hight quality" is his objective.

Hat Dao

Senior Engineer

Prefer TDD in development. He always want to make coding *fun* (dota is more fun btw)

Elaine Chong


Elaine is passionate in the IT industry. She is enthusiastic in learning the ropes of the industry and make a blast out of it while enjoying her food.

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