Grabit Will Help

Your Business

Grabit allows you to accept mobile payments,
increase sales and reward your customers with just a click of the button!

Mobile Payments

Grabit enables you to accept mobile payments from your customer quickly and effortlessly. With Grabit’s “Plug & Play” solution you can start accepting mobile payments within minutes.

Benefits of our
mobile payment solution

Lower Fees

Lower credit card

Happy Customers

Shorter wait times for your customers

Reduce Cost

Less staff needed. Save your labor costs

Instant Rewards

Instantly reward your loyal customers

Start Accepting Mobile Payments

Increase Sales

Grabit helps bring in more customers and increase sales by offering time-sensitive and location based deals. Attract nearby customers by offering them a discount during your slowest hours.

How our real-time deals work?

  • User opens Grabit and sees all the deals currently around them
  • They see your deal and it incentivizes them to come into your business
  • When they are finished, they ask for the bill and simply scan the QR code at the bottom of the bill to apply the deal and pay
Increase Sales Now

Paperless Loyalty Program

Grabit helps you launch and automate your loyalty program so you can instantly reward your best customers directly on their phone.


Grabit’s unique loyalty program incentivizes your customers to frequently visit your business. More visits means more money for you!

Say goodbye to paper loyalty programs! No more hassles with people losing loyalty cards or trying to cheat the system and add their own stamps. Grabit manages your entire loyalty program digitally and securely directly on the phone

Using our loyalty program will help you create happy and loyal customers. By giving your customers special rewards for being a loyal customers you will create a fun and exciting experience for them.


You can know and understand your customers better by using our powerful analytics tool. You can now engage your customers with more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns that will help increase sales.


Below is the process the consumer will go through when they redeem a deal

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